Explore Like a Local – Springtime Adventure in Bar Harbor, Maine

This article along with others written by me can be found at EMS. The Maine town of Bar Harbor is not only a fabulous coastal town filled with boutique shops, lodging accommodations, and restaurants serving up the freshest and tastiest lobster imaginable, but it also serves as an ideal base from which to explore the magnificentContinue reading “Explore Like a Local – Springtime Adventure in Bar Harbor, Maine”

Winter Wildlife Photography: Tips and Tricks for Capturing Stunning Images

Viewing animals in their wild, natural habitat is one of the most thrilling aspects of hiking and outdoor adventure travel. Coming away with photos that expertly capture these moments, whether using a smartphone or expensive digital camera, can be difficult, and it’s frustrating to giddily flip through freshly taken wildlife photos only to discover thatContinue reading “Winter Wildlife Photography: Tips and Tricks for Capturing Stunning Images”

The Best Winter Sunset Peaks in the Adirondack Mountains

Encompassing six million acres and possessing a myriad of mountains ranging in size from mile-high Mount Marcy to short and wooded summits, the Adirondacks has a mountain for every schedule and ability. Few outdoor experiences are more memorable or enjoyable than watching the sunset in solitude from a mountain summit, and the experience is madeContinue reading “The Best Winter Sunset Peaks in the Adirondack Mountains”

Frozen in Time: Photographing the Haunting Beauty of an Adirondack Winter

Winter in the Adirondacks is truly magical. With rocks and roots buried in snow, vicious flies and mosquitoes a distant memory, and the thick, humid air of summer replaced with a crisp chill, there are countless benefits to exploring the Adirondacks in winter. When it comes to photography, no other time of year allows forContinue reading “Frozen in Time: Photographing the Haunting Beauty of an Adirondack Winter”

How to Appreciate and Photograph Post-Peak Fall Color

Nothing lasts forever, and peak fall color is no exception. Every year it seems that just as quickly as the dog days of summer transitioned to crisp and foggy fall mornings, the once vibrant colors of fall have faded and the trees are left solemnly standing bare, ready to face another long and cold winter.Continue reading “How to Appreciate and Photograph Post-Peak Fall Color”

The Heart of Autumn

With all due respect to the other seasons, there isn’t a more exciting time of year for wilderness exploration and photography than fall, and there’s no better place to be this time of year than the Eastern United States. Blessed with a variety of hardwood species like sugar maple and birch that turn practically everyContinue reading “The Heart of Autumn”

Photographing the Puffins of Machias Seal Island

In a hypothetical contest to crown the world’s cutest animal, the Atlantic Puffin almost certainly has to be in contention. Curious, playful, colorful, and awe-inspiring, there’s something about puffins that seems to always put a smile on your face. Atlantic Puffins can be viewed in the wild throughout the North Atlantic, from Ireland to IcelandContinue reading “Photographing the Puffins of Machias Seal Island”

Photograph Waterfalls like a Pro

The sound and sight of water cascading down through a pristine forest is one of nature’s greatest gifts, and whether surrounded by lush spring foliage or the ice and snow of winter, waterfalls make for intriguing photography subjects. Coming away with unique and impactful photos can be a challenge, however, and this article will diveContinue reading “Photograph Waterfalls like a Pro”