Photo of the Week

Mountain ridges with fall colors rise above the valley fog at sunrise on a perfect fall morning. This was taken from the deck of a cabin we stayed at in Townsend, Tennessee, and right after taking this shot we hopped into the hot tub and watched as the fog enveloped the mountains. Not a bad way to spend a fine autumn morning! Prints Available.

Photo of the Week

Viewing wildlife in their natural habitat is one of the most thrilling outdoor experiences imaginable. Heading into my first trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I knew that seeing wildlife such as black bears was a possibility, but I tried to rein in my expectations of seeing one of these majestic creatures. In an incredible stroke of luck, we would end up seeing not one but five black bears during our week in the Smokies! We came across the one in this photo just in time to see it awake from its evening snooze to stretch out against a tree trunk before ambling off into the autumn forest, truly a moment that we’ll never forget. Prints Available.

How to Order Prints


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Fall 2021 Cover

Rejuvenation was chosen as the cover of Local ADK magazine. Local ADK can be found throughout the Adirondacks or digitally. Local ADK also has a $25 annual subscription, mailed 4 times a year.

Wilderness travel can be one of the most challenging and humbling activities imaginable. With the right skills and attitude, however, there’s nothing more rewarding and rejuvenating than disconnecting from the modern world and fully immersing yourself in the wilds. Prints Available.

Photo of the Week

Fog and foliage is one of the most mesmerizing combinations for photography. As the fog mingled with the precipitous mountains on this autumn morning, I was fortunate to have a flock of geese fly through the mist just as I pressed the shutter, adding a special sense of scale and drama to the already mystical scene. Prints Available.