Explore Like a Local – Springtime Adventure in Bar Harbor, Maine

This article along with others written by me can be found at EMS. The Maine town of Bar Harbor is not only a fabulous coastal town filled with boutique shops, lodging accommodations, and restaurants serving up the freshest and tastiest lobster imaginable, but it also serves as an ideal base from which to explore the magnificentContinue reading “Explore Like a Local – Springtime Adventure in Bar Harbor, Maine”

Photo of the Week

While trekking out on the jetty in Provincetown, I kept noticing piles of broken crab, clam and mussel shells, and was initially perplexed by their presence. Once a seagull swooped down on the rocks right in front of me, though, it all became clear. After the sea gulls pluck a clam out of the sandyContinue reading “Photo of the Week”