Lost in Time in Port Clyde, Maine

Sipping our blueberry-flavored cocktails after settling in at the wooden bar inside The Barn Café shortly after arriving in Port Clyde, Maine, we both smiled and toasted to what we already knew would be a fantastic trip. Taking a moment to look around, I realized that although it was August 2022 at the time, itContinue reading “Lost in Time in Port Clyde, Maine”

Publications and Recognition

While photography for me is not about receiving recognition, it does always feel good to have my work published, shared, and recognized. I’m very grateful that my photography and writing have been published in print, online, or on social media by a variety of companies and organizations, as well recognized in photo contests and artContinue reading “Publications and Recognition”

Photo of the Week

Squeezing myself into a crevice in the rock allowed me to get this interesting perspective behind sheets of water spilling over the lip of a gorge next to a pretty waterfall. Afternoon sunlight filtered through the vibrant forest after a passing shower to help accentuate the veil of falling water. Ricketts Glen State Park, Pennsylvania.Continue reading “Photo of the Week”