Photo of the Week

This photo of Mt. Edith Cavell and its icy-blue Angel Glacier at sunset is one of my favorite photographs that I’ve ever taken, and captures one of the most beautiful moments that I’ve ever experienced. On the final evening of a winter trip to the Mt. Edith Cavell hut, I left my two friends in the toasty hut to try to finally catch a glimpse of the elusive mountain that the First Nations people referred to as “the White Ghost”, which had remained hidden behind the clouds for the past three days. As I snowshoed towards the mountain and the sun got lower in the sky, the clouds began to peel away from the summit, finally revealing the mountain in all of her glory. Ecstatic, I hoofed it through waist-deep snow to a high plateau where I was face to face with the mountain, with not another soul in sight. The entire world seemed to be holding its breath in anticipation of the sunset. There was no wind, no noise, and no movement. I stared in awe and wonder at the mountain which seemed close enough to touch, and as the setting sun lit up the clouds above the White Ghost, I thankfully remembered to press the shutter button and captured this unforgettable moment in the photograph that you see here. Prints Available.

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