Photo of the Week

I’ve always been fascinated by loons. With their unmistakable call and feather pattern and haunting red eyes, they no doubt are an icon of the Adirondack wilderness. While out for an early autumn paddle, we watched two loons repeatedly dive and rise as they often do, when we noticed that one of them seemed to have something in its mouth. Assuming it was just a stick or weeds, I almost didn’t even bother lifting my camera. Thank goodness I did, though, because what I saw through the viewfinder was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in the wild. The loon had caught a small catfish , and I was absolutely thrilled to be able to get this shot before the fish became lunch. Do you notice the white around the loons mouth? That’s the beginning stages of the loon molting to its winter feathers. Prints Available.

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