Photo of the Week

I’ve always been fascinated by loons. With their unmistakable call and feather pattern and haunting red eyes, they no doubt are an icon of the Adirondack wilderness. While out for an early autumn paddle, we watched two loons repeatedly dive and rise as they often do, when we noticed that one of them seemed toContinue reading “Photo of the Week”

Photo of the Week

One of the best things about owning a canoe? Still being able to explore the wilderness when you bust your ankle. A morning paddle took me out to a rocky little island in the middle of a calm pond, where I thankfully was able to hobble around enough to find this little clutch of grassContinue reading “Photo of the Week”

Explore Like a Local – Adventure on Land and Lakes in Inlet, New York

his article along with others written by me can be found at EMS. The Adirondack town of Inlet, New York resides on the east end of Fourth Lake, which is part of the Fulton Chain of Lakes. This ideal location makes Inlet a perfect base for hiking and paddling adventures, and the town itself punchesContinue reading “Explore Like a Local – Adventure on Land and Lakes in Inlet, New York”

Summer 2022 Cover

Lean-to Life was chosen as the cover of Local ADK. Local ADK can be found throughout the Adirondacks or digitally.  Local ADK also has a $25 annual subscription, mailed 4 times a year. A lean-to tucked away in the vibrant spring forest was the perfect place to enjoy the warmer temps after a long andContinue reading “Summer 2022 Cover”