Photo of the Week

On our final day of a backpacking trip along the wilderness coast of Washington’s Olympic National Park, my friends and I ventured south from our camp at Point of the Arches. After climbing over rocky headlands and through pristine temperate rainforest high above the sea, we arrived at a deserted little cove between the headlands. At first this beach seemed just like all the others we had passed by, but upon closer inspection we discovered that the beach consisted of a seemingly infinite assortment of small, smooth pebbles of all different colors. We spent the afternoon lounging in the sunbaked pebbles, and exploring the intricacies of a world that often goes undetected. I used a shallow depth of field here to create an abstract expression of the pebbles, with only a slice being in focus and the rest fading into featureless colors and patterns. Prints Available.

Photo of the Week

A fogbow forms over the ocean and perfectly frames a bergy bit floating in the water below, as seen from the rugged cliffs of Quirpon Island, Newfoundland. Quirpon Island was once known as the “Isle of Demons” by sailors in the 16th century, and was thought to be inhabited by devils and wild beasts that would torment anyone that dared land on the island. Formed in a similar fashion as rainbows, fogbows are caused by sunlight passing through water droplets in thin fog. Since the water droplets in fog are so small, fogbows have only weak colors or are colorless, but still made for an exciting, unexpected, and spooky spectacle when it presented itself to us while hiking along the cliffs of the “Isle of Demons.” Prints Available.

Coming Soon

Get ready!! 2022 calendars will be ready for purchase in September! Some minor changes have been made since last year:

  • Addition of holidays/events, including Daylight Saving, seasonal equinoxes/solstices and moon phases
  • Slightly larger monthly date grid
  • A small blurb about each monthly image to go along with the image title and location

Pricing, payment and shipping information will be available in September.